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3srconsultancy provides you with innovative ideas and innovation in business. In this competitive world your business needs to stand far above from all others. For this we provide you the best innovative ideas for your business. We involve you in brainstorming workshops and seminars and open up your brain so that it starts thinking various analytic ways to boost up your business. Our business strategy consulting provides you with a platform to give a kick start to your innovative business ideas. The consulting and coaching provided by us is the best that you can get for business.

The need to drive innovation in teams may call for a systemic process to develop creative thinking. The demand for innovation skills has widened as need has shifted from traditional areas of technology, product and market development into service development, process redefining, business-model renewal, strategy redefinition, building internal organizational capabilities and more.

The idea of iiT-VC is mainly focused towards IT and ITeS (Information Technology enabled service) industry. For other industries we partner with them and their academic leaders who help us to facilitate the workshops.

 1 Hour class for overview of technology innovation is held where we train your brain to think beyond everyone else.

 1 Hour class for cultural understanding related to innovation and Technology.

 1 Day session regarding Ideation for identified champions. This session is also called TTT (Train the trainers).

 4 Hours preview sessions in which we apply your knowledge to practical work.

 1.5 Days workshops are held along with business incubation which is a unique and flexible combination of business development processes, infrastructure and people designed to nurture new and small businesses by helping them to survive and grow through the difficult early stages of life. Projects are given to the participants as per the requirement. It varies with the participants.

You will learn that everybody is uniquely creative and can contribute usefully. This workshop will help all members of your group to work together more effectively. You will gain the insight to manage change well, which is based on the successful management of diversity.

Some questions which will get answered during these workshops:

  What is innovation and why is it important?  What are the different types of innovation?  What are the challenges faced with innovation?  What is innovation culture?  What are the key attitudes and practices that make up innovation culture?  Does your organization have such a culture?  What is your role in creating and sustaining culture of innovation?

BPO (Business Process Outstanding) Organization has been using 3srconsultancy services for iiT-VC in Delhi/NCR. We not only help organizations but also different people. For e.g. A Networking customer from Chennai has been using iiT-VC coaching and workshops for achieving their goals and spreading the culture of creativity. Also telecom giant employees in Bangalore to china have utilized the iiT-VC workshops for fulfilling their business goals.

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3srconsultancy provides you with customized corporate competency development workshops in India & Abroad. Corporate consulting services are for private, public and NGO organizations. These are based on the organization HR and business strategy. These services involve learning need Analysis in discussion with leaders. Corporate consulting services could be focused on business strategy consulting or operational intelligence requirements for the employees. Example: Vision vs.  Execution excellence. Human technology and passion are keys for any growing organization. Inculcating these values in each member and be aligned with organization business goals is critical for successful results, employee engagement and recruiting fresh talent. 3srconsultancy partner and collaborate with academies and talent management department of organization for structuring and need collision for these learning interventions.

The method begins with:

 Identification and analysis for designing the learning program in the desired competency development.

 The delivery of workshop is followed by feedback and providing the necessary guide/tips.

 Some sessions do require a prior survey or pre and post assessments for measuring the effectiveness and impact.

 Through our corporate approach 3srconsultancy is one of the best business IT consultants in Delhi/NCR.

These programs can have different formats of delivery based on customization. Either we have closed batch of participants for a specific business problem or open batch of cross functional participants for organization behavior sensitization.

Various modes of delivery are used  for these Learning interventions:



 Theatre  based


 Conference lecture

 Cross cultural orientation

Some sample list of workshops in different demographics of organization, units or team needs which could be local/global.

Professional competency development

 Presentation skills  Powerful questioning  Conflict management  Cultural competence  Effective goal settings  Measuring trust and team collaboration

Leadership Competency Development

 Consulting tools and skills  Coaching for peak performance  Monitoring and maintain empowerment  Different C’s of Leadership  Higher Performance Teaming

Creative ways of ideation and problem solving

 Product business and life cycle  Customer Service Orientation

Special scenarios of organization behavior can be addressed by these workshops:


 Diversity inclusion

Cross culture orientation

 Merger & Acquisition

We held winning team workshop for cross functional finance team in Delhi/NCR, senior finance leader’s workshops on collaboration and trust building in Delhi/NCR, Leader workshop on culture and generation adaptability in Delhi, NCR, Chennai and Bangalore. 3srconsultancy also conducted Business Growth Workshop for research unit manager on leadership adaptability and coaching skills in Chennai. Along with this offside strategic planning workshop for defining the mission and purpose statement in Chennai for a telecom business was conducted by 3srconsultancy.

3srconsultancy have the best business IT consultants. 3srconsultancy is to be the best corporate consultancy through its customized approach and various forms of workshops organized according to the needs of customer.

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3srconsultancy provides you with personality development for campus to corporate journey in Delhi/NCR. 3srconsultancy is one of the top corporate training companies in Delhi/NCR/Northern region. C2C program provides personality development for campus to corporate. 3srconsultancy helps in boosting the career of students fulfilling the expectation gaps of the industry in various educational streams of management and engineering to develop leaders in them.

Personality development can be done based on the following modules:

 Innovation Management  “Mirror your BRAiN for Technological innovation” to boost creativity  Preparing for Success  Winning Leaders of tomorrow  Effective Communication & Listening  Performance Evaluation and Interviewing Skills.  C2C Bridge Workshop  Team working And Goal Setting.  Listening and Trusted Collaboration

These modules are bundled and packaged together for a college/industry based on the curriculum.

For management graduates some of the roles and their behavioral skills are listed below:


 Job roles for engineers

For UG student’s foundation skillset is chosen to boost the confidence and communication for being successful in the placements and recruitment process.

 Offerings have been offered to Management College in Greater Noida for PGDM Batch Induction.

 Offering of career orientation journey for final year MBA student for a college in Ghaziabad is being done.

 Offering of interview panel for Management College of 2nd semester students is being done.

 Offering of HR Management principles is being done for 2nd year HR management students in Ghaziabad College.

3srconsultancy corporate trainers have a deep passion for education and knowledge and would be happy to make management and engineering curriculum subjects as visiting or guest faculty. Universities and colleges can invite the same visually innovation management, human resource management, organization behavior, operation management, strategic management, fluid mechanics, accountancy, financial management, etc.

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3srconsultancy provides you with best social responsibilities in Delhi/NCR. 3srconsultancy is one of the top corporate social companies in Delhi/NCR. The focused areas for CSR activities are for schools in villages and helping improve youth literacy and social welfare. These are volunteered by 3srconsultancy’s corporate trainers and professionals in Delhi/NCR. By mentoring and guiding the volunteers to participate in the activities for improving the education standards in these schools.

This can be done through theatre based classes, debate competition and group discussions. The initiative of CSR consultancy is a collective effort of community for up-bringing of childhood to save from child labor and make them self-reliant and independent citizens from rural India.

The focused areas for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) are:

 Corporate CSR Definition in rural education.

 Corporate CSR volunteers in the up-bringing to teach on facilitative methods.

Volunteering for CSR efforts by 3srconsultancy consultants in education.

3srconsultancy is one of the top consulting firms that offers CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach and is helping in progress of our country in a great manner. These social responsibilities can even help an individual in his or her business because it helps in inculcating more values and become a better human being in society free of negative energies.

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