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3SR stands for science, self, spirituality and results respectively. Science refers to all the knowledge you have gained since childhood, Self refers to your inter personal relationships and spirituality refers to a sense of connection to something bigger than yourself. The combination of these three leads to results. 3SR Consultancy helps you to obtain these results in an efficient manner as a Leader. 


3SRC Academy

Learning Services for educational institutes and corporates.

Career Nourishers

Learning services for individuals (Students, Professionals, Faculty and Freelancers).

Gatiman Business

Consultancy and Support services to MSME to fast-track their growth with an objective of 5x in 5 years

Conference lecture

Coaching 121

Personal coaching to boost one’s performance and career as a professional

Our Solutions

We provide solutions based on the concept of IQ-EQ- SQ (Intelligent Quotient- Emotional Quotient-Spiritual Quotient) as critical elements for a successful human being by keeping a balance in all of them. Through coaching and facilitating methods experiential and life skills learning are available in any of the focused areas with the desired learning outcome and performance results on impact and effectiveness.

3SR Consultancy offers solutions for Private corporate employees and leaders; public sector managers and leaders; college students and teachers; CSR volunteers; NGO employees.

We are a team with passion and vision, dwelling on making learning experiences effective and innovative. We rise beyond one-size-fits-all attitude, bringing expertise and experience to our clients for the results they desire Our unique learning offerings are in the space of innovation, Leadership and Culture thru customized design and creative delivery methods like Theater. We reach out to Corporates, Educational Institutions and Entrepreneurs.

Our Approach


Education & CSR

Medical & Healthcare, Pharma

Manufacturing, Operations, E&U

Media & Entertainment

BFSI & Legal

Professionals & Students



It is a live channel which is launched by 3SR Consultancy on 25th May 2020. It’s main purpose is to inspire other through their information and to bring out the best from all innovative minds thru education and research . As this is a digital platform you’ll get a chance to be a part of knowledgeable session related to motivation , business , management , technology and innovation through live interaction with renowned professionals. Moreover we can also invite you on our live session if you have something interesting to share about your transformation, learning of lockdown which can inspire others.
Feel free to share your views and experience on our official website cn@3srconsultancy.com

iiT-VC:ideation&innovation for Technological Value Creation

3SR Consultancy provides iiT-VC (Ideation & Innovation for Technological Value Creation) framework that helps in bringing innovative ideas and innovation in business by developing employees & bright students. Today’s demanding customer needs in products & services require building on creative skills and talent of people.
Accelerating the Innovation process by unique methodology designed for interactions and workshops. CREATIVITY and VALUE ADDITION to any business is an important ingredient for the self and organization goals.  

Please submit any questions or comments below. Our team works globally and will contact you shortly.

Why Choose Us?

We believe is most effective when it is Indirect, promotes Group/Team building and is Fun. Every training program we design adheres to these concepts making them indispensible and efficient for short term and long term development. Participants of our workshops inculcate targeted skills using a three step process; Learn, Experience and Implement

Customised for higher effectiveness and developing creative skills. Practicing by ‘Role Plays’ and ‘Gamification’ helps develop HABITs (Un-Learn, Learn, Re-Learn)

Theatre is a strong medium that enables implementation of skills from it’s root. Additionally, it aids subconscious learning, which integrates into the participants system with ease

Deployment thru tools & technology, to facilitate the Organisation Culture building over a defined period. As Learning Consultants, we help build blended learning solutions for deployment

Start any topic, and ask anything you want to know related to programming. Anytime!  

We have a team of several Mentors, Trainers and Professionals who are always available to serve you, help you in updating your skils and  


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