"To bring out the best from all Innovative Minds thru Education & Research to increase the GDP"


Seeding Values for Growth

Facilitating experiential workshops and sessions to enable and equip the participants with the skillset and appropriate tools. The learning solution brings the best of Leadership qualities and values required for a successful career. The interactive and participative learning journey is going to be fun filled with Gamification and Theatre activities.

The design and focus is to be Creative and innovative in focused Business and Industry Domains. To witness, how sharing diversified experience and knowledge can facilitate the development of Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit. Training programs are designed to adhere to these concepts making them effective and efficient for short term and long term people development.



How fit is your Behaviour for a Job?

Men or Women, who are better Leaders?


Will a fresher in a job create quality products and deliver services globally?

Where is the hidden Latent in Rural India?


Should Education be curriculum led or Creative Led?

Is it about completing the curriculum or making every concept be retained for Life?


When do I innovate with the current work-life unbalanced routine?

Is multidisciplinary education the way forward for UG students?


Consulting Solutions are based on the concept of IQ – EQ – SQ (Intelligence Quotient – Emotional Quotient – Spiritual Quotient) as critical elements for a successful Human being by keeping a balance in all of them. Through facilitative & coaching methods (different from teaching and lecture), Experiential and Life skills learning’s are available in any of the following focused areas with the desired Learning outcome and performance results on impact and effectiveness


3srconsultancy provides you with innovative ideas and innovation in business by developing employees & bright students. Today’s demanding customer needs in products & services require harnessing and building on creative skills and talent of people for your business to stand far above from all others. For this we provide you… Read more


3srconsultancy provides you with customized corporate competency development workshops in India & abroad. Corporate consulting services are for private, public and NGO organizations. These are based on the organization HR and business strategy. These services involve… Read more


3srconsultancy provides you with personality development for campus to corporate journey. 3srconsultancy is one of the top corporate training companies in Delhi/NCR/Northern Region. 3srconsultancy helps in providing opportunities for students to be successful in Campus placements and for career progression in corporate.… Read more


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Private Corporate Employees & Leaders


Public Sector Managers, Leaders


College Students & Teachers


CSR Volunteers


NGO Employees


It has been an impressive/first time effort, with a lot of surprise elements and unconventional, which made the team to break the ice and contribute to the workshop fully. All the sessions in the workshop were relevant and important as can be seen from the exhaustive list of action items for each track

– Business Leader in Chennai


3SR Consultancy LLP (3SRC)

3SR stands for science, self, spirituality and results respectively. Science refers to all the knowledge you have gained since childhood, Self refers to your inter personal relationships and spirituality refers to a sense of connection to something bigger than yourself. The combination of these three leads to results. 3srconsultancy helps you to obtain these results in an efficient manner as a Leader. 3srconsultancy is the best business consultancy in Delhi/NCR due to its excellent customizable consulting services for an Organization or College.

The purpose of 3SR Consultancy is to facilitate experiential workshops and sessions to enable and equip the participants with the required skills and appropriate tools. Leadership qualities and values are brought with the help of different learning solutions which is the first step towards successful career. It provides coaching for business management in India & Abroad. Interactive ways of teaching are applied to make the most of practical knowledge. This can be done through gaming sessions and theatre activities.

The main focus of 3SR Consultancy is to be creative and innovative in business as well as industry domains. The combination of diversified experience and knowledge can facilitate the development of body, heart, mind and spirit. Business training programs are designed in such a way that they become both effective and efficient for short-term and long-term people development. Top consulting firms hold the workshops required to build a successful career.

Solutions to all your business relates problems are obtained through


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Personality Development for campus to corporate journey. Please visit C2C page here.


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Consulting services provide solutions based on the concept of IQ-EQ- SQ (Intelligent Quotient- Emotional Quotient-Spiritual Quotient) as critical elements for a successful human being by keeping a balance in all of them. Through coaching and facilitative methods experiential and life skills learning are available in any of the focused areas with the desired learning outcome and performance results on impact and effectiveness.

3SR Consultancy offers solutions for Private corporate employees and leaders; public sector managers and leaders; college students and teachers; CSR volunteers; NGO employees.