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3SR Consultancy LLP

3SR stands for science, self, spirituality and results respectively. Science refers to all the knowledge you have gained since childhood, Self refers to your inter personal relationships and spirituality refers to a sense of connection to something bigger than yourself. The combination of these three leads to results. 3SR Consultancy helps you to obtain these results in an efficient manner as a Leader. 

Who Are We

We are a team with passion and vision, dwelling on making learning experiences effective and innovative.

Our Vision

To bring out the best from all
Innovative Minds thru
Education & Research to increase the GDP

What We Do

We reach out to Corporates for L&D blended Solutions, Advisory and Execution partners for MSMEs/Entrepreneur’s & Educational Institutions for PDP programs


*Founder CEO* 3SR Consultancy LLP, BRAiN(c) & iiT-VC(c) frameworks of innovation, Authoring _”Walking with your Guru”_, Global Corporate Facilitator & CoaCH

Shailesh is a Leadership Consultant, Motivational Speaker & ideation Coach since more than a decade with overall 28 different years of Experience in Fortune 500 Corporates. Association with Innovative Companies in India, US, Japan, China and European Markets. He is a Certified ideation Coach from Cornel University of US. Currently he is an acting CEO of 3SRC Start-up which has been recognised by CII on innovation and mentoring many more innovative large corporates. His guidance & mentoring has been adding value to many entrepreneurs and Leaders in establishing a culture of innovation and engagement in their organisations. He has touched Life’s of 11000+ Employees, Students, Entrepreneurs and Faculty in India & abroad. 500+ Leaders have attended his workshops, MDP sessions or coaching discussions.


Digital Transformation Consultant & CTO

  • Associated with Corporate Learning for more than two decades in various roles
  • Developed & delivered various training modules, based on best practices & frameworks for soft-skills like Ownership at work, Building Trust, Team work, Striving for excellence, Learning & Innovation, Pioneering Spirit, Integrity, Perseverance impacting people with varied experience upto 20 years
  • Industry Interface to an Engineering College for On-campus CSR program in partnership with NASSCOM
  • Participated in certification workshops like Leading Large Teams, Business through Collaboration and Trust, Financial Acumen, Negotiation, Communication and Presence, Coaching, Leadership Styles, Team Building, Thinking Differently.


Chief Strategy Officer

Expertise Areas

  • Specializes in network & franchise model development
  • IT infrastructure planning
  • Strategy for scalable business models
  • Innovate & creative product development ideas
  • 30 years solid experience in vocational education industry


  • Mentor PMKK Jhansi
  • Chairman Wonder Education Trust (Network of play school)
  • MD Ultra Micro consultancy pvt ltd.
  • (DOT ISP licencee)
  • Infra & BPO partner TCS digital ION at Jhansi
  • MD Manaswin Infrabuild pvt ltd
  • (Real State developer)
  • Owner Manaswin Global Services ( Franchise DrBatra’s Homeopathic & Nielet licencee)


Honorary Consultants

Our Strategies


Why 3SR and how it was born is an inspiring story with the founder, when he was asked by one of his mentor a simple question “Shailesh, What are you doing and where are going, seeing what I have seen?”. Powerful questions are true reflection of unleashing the potential and trending on a path to create a Legacy.


Many initiatives are being done with Academic institutions and Skill India to reach large parts of INDIA with the focus on Mindset-Skillset-Toolset being made participant friendly in Hindi & English. Various channels of communications have been explored to address the different segments of Media through Print, Digital, Social.

3SRC Value is in Partnering with Young Minds and leveraging the Experience of Professionals and Business Leaders from various industries. 3SRC was getting recognised in various platforms for its Innovative efforts as a Start-up and MSME.

The new entrant DIGI शिक्ष, is a LIVE Channel for Social Media connect (FaceBook, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram) with Global User community.

With the diversified portfolio of 3SR Consultancy, THREE Websites (www.3srconsultancy.com, www.3srcacademy.com, www.careernourishers.com) have also evolved with the renewed focus and user ease to reach to relevant information easily.


Education has evolved with various new pedagogy and methods of Learning, impacting all segments of community. Journey and evolution of various offerings and services in 5 years is another interesting story of Focus and agility in adopting the changes to make it relevant for the market demand and need.

To create a spark in the Start-ups & Incubation Labs, JUGNU program was launched for the ideation & innovation journey.

UDAAN Theatre Club was born to develop & unleash the hidden talent in Village schools, thru 3SRC CSR initiative.

Design & Develop

Innovation and creativity (through iiT-VC framework©) in bringing Customised Learning Solutions for Corporates, Colleges/Universities & MSME Enterprises led to Designing and developing Offerings like Campus to Corporate (C2C), Customised Corporate Competency (CCC) development programs, Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) started touching Life’s of people from India and Abroad.

As the need evolved Senior Leadership Coachingsessions got incorporated as standalone and bundled with MSME Consulting of गतिमान Business offering.

3SRC Digital Academy was co-created with the Design Thinking Concepts applied at ‘chai pe charcha between Shailesh and Rahul. This was a boon for the future environment friendliness and GoGreen Eco friendly support initiatives.

The focus towards Tier2 & Tier3 cities emerged with deliberations between Shailesh, Rahul & Mukesh starting from Jhansi, to address the need of individual users (Students, Faculty, Professionals, Entrepreneurs) thru learning products (off the shelf) being offered through Career Nourishers.

Deploy & Delivery

Latest learning delivery methods like Theatre, Gamification, Fun activities, Role Plays, Case lets, Videos were used for in-house sessions and Workshops. Offsite workshops incorporated different formats of participation like Panel discussion, key note address, activities, Yoga & meditation, Sports, etc.

To optimise the time of participants in the classroom sessions, blended learning, has been used (for Anytime, Anywhere, AnyDevice) integrating the interactive Workshop, Webinar,  Digital Academy, curated reading material, recorded videos by SMEs, Workbook, Assessments, Quiz, practical Hands on exercises, assignment Submissions, My learning strategy, IDP, Coaching, etc.

Interactive sessions with Shailesh – SKG Master Facilitator and innovation Evangelist. As Author and Business Coach for MSME and Corporates in Technology, Leadership, Business, innovation, Management in partnership with various SMEs from different industries, delivering onsite/offsite, closed/open, physical/virtual, 121/group, keynote/panel discussions in India & Abroad.

Our Journey so far

1st March 2016, 3SR Consultancy was born and was registered as LLP in May 2016


Education & CSR

Medical, Healthcare & Pharma

Manufacturing, Operations

Media & Entertainment

BFSI & Legal

Why Choose Us?

We believe is most effective when it is Indirect, promotes Group/Team building and is Fun. Every training program we design adheres to these concepts making them indispensible and efficient for short term and long term development. Participants of our workshops inculcate targeted skills using a three step process; Learn, Experience and Implement

Customised for higher effectiveness and developing creative skills. Practicing by ‘Role Plays’ and ‘Gamification’ helps develop HABITs (Un-Learn, Learn, Re-Learn)

Theatre is a strong medium that enables implementation of skills from it’s root. Additionally, it aids subconscious learning, which integrates into the participants system with ease

Deployment thru tools & technology, to facilitate the Organisation Culture building over a defined period. As Learning Consultants, we help build blended learning solutions for deployment

Start any topic, and ask anything you want to know related to programming. Anytime!  

We have a team of several Mentors, Trainers and Professionals who are always available to serve you, help you in updating your skils and  

Professionals & Students

Out Partners

Our Associations

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