iiT-VC : ideation & innovation for Technological Value Creation

Ideation & innovation for Technological Value Creation

3SR Consultancy provides iiT-VC (Ideation & Innovation for Technological Value Creation) framework that helps in bringing innovative ideas and innovation in business by developing employees & bright students. Today’s demanding customer needs in products & services require building on creative skills and talent of people.


Accelerating the Innovation process by unique methodology designed for interactions and workshops. CREATIVITY and VALUE ADDITION to any business is an important ingredient for the self and organization goals.  

How of Innovation & Creativity

“Thru iiT-VC program we partner with YOU in co-creation and new idea generation in your focus area/industry.

The need to drive innovation in teams may call for a systemic process to develop creative thinking. The demand for innovation skills has widened as need has shifted from traditional areas of technology, product and market development into service development, process redefining, business-model renewal, strategy redefinition, building internal organizational capabilities and more

Ideation Approach

  1. Introduction with the Business, HR and Delivery Leader for the overall objective of the program is done to kick start the project.
  2. The design and overview is shared with the Organization for their inputs and suggestions.
  3. The ideation workshop is being conducted for the identified SMEs and selected ideators.
  4. The same is followed by an Incubation session to generate new ideas and an overview session for the overall Unit sensitization.

Ideation Tools & Frameworks provided by iiT-VC

Mirror your Brain for Technological Innovation

Mirror your BRAiN

Design Thinking

JUGNU – Open Workshop


Jugnu – Open Workshop

For Managers (Technical Managers / Tenured Managers / First Time Managers)

W1 – Winning Team

  • Preparing yourself for Next Level, Earning more, Winning Team Trust, Confident Leader

E1 – B2E: Building Bridges of People Excellence

  • Winning Friends & Supervisor, reduce friction with Customers, Manage bigger teams with higher responsibilities

E2 – B2E: Building Bridges of Execution Excellence

  • Managing Large Global Teams, Enjoy Higher Roles and responsibilities, Preparing to Lead operations, Earning more

iiT-VC – ideation and innovation for Technological Value Creation   

I1 – Mirror your BRAiN for Innovative & creative skills impacting culture

  • Develop Problem Solving skills, Improving Customer satisfaction in Work or Business, Staying relevant for Job & Career Growth, Winning confidence of your Team and Supervisor

I2 – Mirror your BRAiN for Symphony of Leaders

  • Develop Strategic Thinking for solving Problems, Understanding Imperatives of Great Leaders, Succession Planning, Working with generations & Career Growth

I3 –  Impact of Creativity and Innovation in Cyber Security & Digital Safety

  • Opening new avenues of Growth in Digital Security, Developing Problem Solving Skills, Staying relevant for Job & Career Growth 

Moments from Sessions

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