Corporate Volunteering

  • Volunteering (Corporate Social Responsibility)

    (Corporate Social Responsibility)


The focused areas for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities are for schools in villages and helping improve youth literacy and social welfare. These offerings are completely volunteered by corporate professionals and 3SR Consultants by mentoring and guidance to the volunteers as well as participate in the activities for improving the education standards in these schools. Methods used to do the same is thru theatre based classes, debate competition and group discussions.

This initiative is a collective effort of Community, for up bringing of childhood to save from Child Labor and make them self-reliant and independent citizens from Rural India.


School education

Corporate CSR strategy definition in rural education


Corporate CSR Volunteers upbringing to teach in facilitative methods


  Volunteering for CSR efforts by 3SRC Consultants in education

Corporate Volunteering (CSR)

Experietial facilitative sessions for sharing and Learning


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