What is 3srconsultancy?

3SR stands for science, self, spirituality and results respectively. Science refers to all the knowledge you have gained since childhood, Self refers to your inter personal relationships and spirituality refers to a sense of connection to something bigger than yourself. The combination of these three leads to results. 3srconsultancy helps you to obtain these results in an efficient manner as a Leader.

 What does 3srconsultancy do?

3srconsultancy provides you with the best learning solutions and guidance to all your career related development in Corporate and College. Via experiential workshops and sessions 3srconsultancy enable and equip the participants with the required skills and appropriate tools. The learning solution brings the best of Leadership qualities and values required for a successful career. The interactive and participative learning journey is going to be fun filled with Gamification and Theatre activities.

 What is iiT-VC?

iiT-VC stands for ideation & innovation for Technological Value. It is a program which helps you to add innovative and creative ideas to your business so that your business stands apart in the market and is highly appreciated by the world. The need to drive innovation in teams may call for a systemic process to develop creative thinking. The demand for innovation skills has widened as need has shifted from traditional areas of technology, product and market development into service development, process redefining, business-model renewal, strategy redefinition, building internal organizational capabilities and more. For more details please visit our iiT-VC webpage here.

    What is CCC?

CCC is a program provided by us for you so that you can develop corporate competency in yourself. The program aims to help you make your business stand at par with all other businesses in this competitive world. For more details please visit our CCC webpage here.

 What is C2C?

C2C is a program provided by us for you so that you are transformed from campus state or your college state to a corporate state in which you are good entrepreneur or get yourself placed in an industry with blooming colors. For more details please visit our C2C webpage here.

 What is CSR?

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. It is a program provided by us to mentor and provide guidance to the volunteers in social responsibilities such as teaching in schools of villages and thus helping youth welfare and social welfare. For more details please visit our CSR webpage here.

 Can 3srconsultancy solve my problem?

3srconsultancy can solve all the problems related to your personality development, career advice, business advice, or any risk taking tasks of your life such as entrepreneurial business. We help Private Corporate Employees & Leaders, Public Sector Managers, Leaders, College Students & Teachers, CSR Volunteers and NGO Employees. So, if you are one of them and need some learning initiative for you & your teams/function/organization then you have stepped on the right doorstep.

  What do I need to get started?

Get in touch with us by clicking the Contact Us tab. You can submit your queries here and can reach out to us through messages, phone and e-mail. Select the required tab such as for partners/consultants on panel or for one to one meeting or for webinar or campus session invite or for corporate workshop and fill in your details. For more details contact us on – 9810767563 or write to: contactus@3srconsultancy.com .

 Is there a waiting time for my request to be processed?

Once you have submitted your request at Contact Us tab we will reach out to you as soon as possible. Further to our discussions, the planning & Training schedule is worked out based on the availability of participants and Venue.

 How much would I be charged for the whole process?

It depends on the learning need & consulting assignment that you & the organization wants us to work on. We have different experience of Learning Consultants and Partners who work with your teams and deploy Tools and assessments, for which the pricing is based on the number of participants. Workshops are of different time duration e.g.: 2, 4, 8, 16 hours, which are also priced differently. The Learning Modules are based on different competencies at various levels like individual contributor, Manager, Leader and is accordingly charged in the proposal shared by us. Once we process your request we will analyze it and then tell you which course would suit you best and tell you the charges accordingly in our detailed proposal, which is very competitive in the industry.

 What is the real motive of 3srconsultancy?

The real motive of 3srconsultancy is to help the people in Industry and education to impact positively the Business outcomes and in-turn the GDP of the country. The various individuals participating in the workshop are being guided in different career Growth situations. We will find the best solution for it using brainstorming seminars, interactive workshops, games, theatre plays and other ideation methods. You can see the example of these activities in our gallery section.

 Is it beneficial to all the people or only to those of some particular age?

We welcome all private employees & Leaders, Public Sector Managers, Leaders, College Students & Teachers, CSR Volunteers and NGO Employees to be our guest. You could be of any Diversity or Age Group, as Learning is an ongoing process and has NO barriers. If you fall under some other categories then you are happily invited by us to leave you query in our mail box at Contact Us and we will get back to you soon.

 How long have you been consulting people (in terms of experience)?

We have highly skilled and experienced consultants/ partners who have worked in the IT industry for years, which is known as people or knowledge industry. Please refer to the profile of our Principal Consultant Shailesh K. Gupta who has an experience of 26 years in IT industry itself. He has played the role of an innovation evangelist in many Global Projects. Similarly there are many knowledgeable people who have been partnering in the journey of 3SR Consultancy from various industries as Honorary Consultants, you can see them here.