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Re-set – Retrospect – Restart in 2016

New beginning on a new platform of Social Media like this Blog…..Namaste.

The journey of 25 years with an organization and loving your work and bringing desired results to professional and personal life has been very satisfying and successful. The secret sauce which I was always asked from my friends and well wishers was to accept Change, which needs Re-Set on some periodic Goal achievements and celebrating your milestones. The re-set as simple it could be to a computer or a mobile phone, may require a desired break from your daily routine (which could be doing it differently from what ever you have been doing)

“Sat sang” as is well understood as the association of positive thoughts giving a sense of Self, is a great way to begin the journey of Retrospection. Reconciliation of your Human values & Emotional assets bank account is a good start. Your net savings in the Relationships is a great way to prepare your balance sheet. Take this as an investment for the next year, with suitable alignment in the way you have been spending your energies and time. The day today is here in front of you to rebuilt the broken bridges of relationships, which will recharge your batteries.

Go ahead and Re-Start the action with a renewed vigor to achieve new heights. Be creative and believe in the words coming from your heart. Being the Guru and getting inspired, which you always wanted to hear from your Mentors, gives you a sense of Self esteem and a belongingness to own the initiative or Drive which you always wanted to pursue.

Nature is a great Mentor which teaches this simple principle of Re-set, Retrospect & Restart, in each of its creation around us.

Please use this winter with the warmth of your self beliefs being revisited to bring out the next Best in you in 2016. God Bless for your journey ahead with lots of smiles and good health around you.

Do share the beliefs you have already revisited and found the Beginning of a New Dawn.

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