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Empowerment thru Debate for village schools

House of People of India is made with number 545.

How can this number in parliament have all walks of life from Rural to Urban India and diversity of cultures, knowledge, generations and gender with a corporate India mindset.

Catching the citizens of India early thru
education in villages & EWS would help build India @ 100.

How can each one of us contribute in this long haul journey?

Thru Theatre Club of volunteered participants from the Industry, the weekend classes for students studying in small village schools have been sharpening there talent. The same started elevating their confidence and self morale to not only score better marks in their studies, while also challenging them self’s to do the extra bit.  The initiative has started helping students develop social values and creative leadership abilities of respecting, judging, collaborative team working and thinking beyond boundaries.

The method of learning has been facilitating thru discussions and participation by students, instead of regular curriculum based courseware teaching. As industry and corporate citizens are joining hands by giving back to society, this initiative can really make a difference for 67% of our rural India.

Please share your interest in conducting these sessions and giving the students a platform to nurture there personality in your local villages.

Make a Beginning which is self rewarding

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